Saturday 26 May 2018

Day 0 - LHR to DEN

The start of a new chase season!

Nothing too exciting to report today - just a travel day to get from Heathrow to Denver, and then on to our hotel for the first night in Burlington (CO). Our flight was delayed by almost an hour before we finally took off - initially because a few passengers had failed to make the flight, so their luggage had to removed from the hold. Then we had to wait a long time in line before we took off - but eventually we did, and some 9 hours later we landed in Denver, on what was a relatively smooth flight with very little in the way of turbulence. Stunning views of the Rockies as you approach to land - something that isn't on offer at Dallas Fort Worth (where I usually enter the U.S.).

Picked up our hire car, the beast that is a white Chevrolet Tahoe (not pictured), and then drove east for 2 hours 30mins to our pre-booked hotel in Burlington. The sky was full of high-based convection with tonnes of virga - no lightning, but one decaying high-based shower produced a heat burst, with a marked increase in wind speed at the surface and temperature shooting up from 78F to 86F (26C to 30C).

Finally arrived in Burlington, and after a quick bite to eat (the first obligatory McDonalds of the chase!) headed to bed having been awake for 23 hours or so.

McDonalds in Burlington (CO)
Next few days look like there'll be some activity to chase in the high plains, which can only be a good thing given how (relatively) quiet the season has been so far...

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