Thursday 30 May 2019

Day 7 -- SW Texas

SPC Convective Outlook
SPC Tornado Risk
Morning surface analysis
We had to leave the hotel in El Reno (OK) early today as we knew we had an 8-9 hour drive to get onto some storms in SW Texas. Initial target was Fort Stockton (TX), but realistically we would re-evaluate en-route. We grabbed some late lunch in Odessa (TX) and headed towards a couple of severe-warned storms near Alpine (TX). However, by the time we arrived in the evening they were on their last legs, though we did see a brief spell of rather powerful CGs. There was a lot of low stratus in the area which didn't help things much. We were also very close to the Mexico border, and had to pass through Border Control and show our passports on the way back north.
Storms at sunset near Marathon (TX)
Our GPS location (blue circle) and radar
A rather long and frustrating chase day, so we booked a hotel in Alpine (TX) and joined Paul Knightley and Helen Rossington for dinner in McDonalds.
GPS Tracker

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