Saturday 28 May 2016

Kansas/Oklahoma border


Starting the day in Newton (KS) we had to decide to head north to the I-70 corridor where shear would be maximised given easterly low-level winds, or nudge south towards the Olahoma border where there appeared to be better sunshine / higher temperatures / higher dewpoints. We chose the southern option and chased multiple marginally-severe thunderstorms that were very much outflow-dominant but produced some pretty gust fronts. After stopping to chat to Paul Botten and the Netweather gang (UK chasers) we decided to ditch this messy convection and head south as we knew we needed to be back in the TX panhandle for Sunday.

One of many gust fronts approach from a marginally-severe thunderstorm near South Haven (KS)

On our way towards Oklahoma City (OK) we found Pete Scott (UK chaser) and Dave Ewoldt parked up near a field trying to shoot some lightning, so we chatted for about an hour until it was almost dark, and then went our separate ways. Overall, some thunderstorms around, but a fairly unimpressive day.

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