Tuesday 31 May 2016

SE New Mexico / W Texas


Starting in Midland (TX) we headed west for 3h30mins into southeast New Mexico and chased a couple of bog-standard UK-style thunderstorms near Carlsbad (NM). As these storms moved off the mountains, they were struggling for moisture and eventually dissipated, but produced some nice CGs for a time. So we headed back east to Hobbs (NM), by which point we noticed a few storms developing just east of Midland. Since nothing else looked like it would develop nearby, we drove 2 hours back to Midland to get onto a near-stationary thunderstorm complex.

The great thing about these storms hardly moving meant that we could park up and try and shoot lightning for a few hours without needing to move with (or 'chase') the storms. This allowed me to stream the storm through Facebook Live to viewers back in the UK (and elsewhere in America) from near Garden City (TX) as the lightning frequency really ramped up as the sun set. In fact, from multiple storms, we had a good 6 hours of constant lightning. Definitely worth the long drive back to Midland, and makes it the 2nd best day of the trip!

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