Friday 15 June 2012

2012 Day 9 - Wichita (KS) to Dallas Fort Worth (TX), baseball and fireworks

Fri 15 Jun

No chasing today as we had to make sure Pete was at Dallas Fort Worth ready for his flight on Saturday evening. As such, we thought we'd take the opportunity to drive to DFW early from Wichita (KS) to watch a baseball game (Houston Astros vs Texas Rangers) at the Ballpark in Arlington (TX) during the evening - first one I'd ever been to, but great fun and a really good atmosphere!
The game ended around 10:15pm, followed shortly afterwards by a fantastic fireworks display. And of course throughout the game we could see cumulus congestus forming into a line of thunderstorms well off to the east, and as the sun began to set some quite frequent distant lightning flashes could be observed, illuminating the structure of the storms - thus also making it the 9th consecutive day of lightning...

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