Saturday 16 June 2012

2012 Day 10 - Dallas Fort Worth (TX) to Vidor (TX), Liberton Co (TX) thunderstorms

Sat 16 Jun

After a breakfast stop and dropping Pete off at DFW airport, we drove back to Vidor (TX) during the afternoon. The majority of the journey was sunny and very warm (in the 80s F), but as we left the I45 at Conroe (TX) and headed eastwards to Cleveland (TX), there was some significant convection taking place, with a N-S line of thunderstorms to our east. We drove through them as we approached Cleveland (TX), and it seems some parts of the town had experienced a powercut, and there was a lot of standing water - some roads were flooded, and many ditches were very full.

On leaving Cleveland (TX) a few flashes of lightning occurred, making it the 10th consecutive day of lightning. Some nice low cloud bases were also evident, with an interesting formation from rain-cooled cumulus to our west. They started to form some nice wave patterns, almost like Kelvin–Helmholtz waves...
Wave patterns starting to form...
Arriving in Vidor (TX), a new outflow boundary eventually crossed the area as showers on the seabreeze front approached (but decayed before they reached us). Some nice, low-level ragged cumulus were visible, with a notable increase in wind speed for a short period, but sadly with upper ridging taking place no thunderstorms occurred...
Gust front moving overhead at Vidor (TX)

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