Wednesday 14 May 2014

2014 Day 2 - Irving (TX) to Hays (KS)

Woke early on Day 2, and checked to see if it was worth driving a long way east to play with a rather messy cold front. In the end decided it wasn't, so instead we spent the morning in Irving (TX) setting up the chase vehicle with in-car internet (using both Verizon 4G and AT&T 3G) and buying some snacking provisions for the journey.
Storm Chase 2014 (L-R): Myself, Kerry and Chris
After lunch we headed north for a 9 hour drive on the I-35 through Oklahoma and into Kansas, then on the I-135 and I-70, finally ending the day in Hays (KS), arriving at 9pm. Some very high-based showers produced a few spots of rain on the windscreen, with some nice rain curtains and virga visible over parts of Kansas as the sun began to set in the evening.
Decaying shower behind a wind farm in Kansas (taken on iPhone while travelling at 65+mph)
We did stop at two McDonald's en-route, but only to take advantage of their $1 for just under 1 litre of Coca Cola deal, taking our 2014 tally to 3 now, but with the proviso that we only purchased beverages. After checking-in at a hotel, we enjoyed a nice, juicy steak at a neighbouring Applebee's. All-in-all a relatively quiet day given the rather unexciting weather pattern currently over the Plains.

STORM CHASE 2014 STATS thus far
McDonald's tally: 3
States visited: 3

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