Friday 29 May 2015

Day 2 - TX panhandle

THU 28 MAY 2015

Well, as expected, not a lot of convection was available to chase today. Numerous thunderstorms formed lines across western and into central Texas, leaving much of the panhandle on the cooler side with extensive anvil hangback cloud. However, some sunshine lifted temperatures to 23-24C just over the border in NM, and some convection became visible along an old outflow boundary.

We left Amarillo (TX) after lunch and nudged further west towards the NM border, stopping to chat to Paul Knightley and Helen Rossington at the midpoint of the old Route 66 at Adrian (TX). Both parties then drifted farther west, where we stopped at Glenrio (TX/NM) for a while to watch the base of a storm - which produced a couple of short-lived funnel clouds (very high base). Some nice grumbles of thunder and occasional lightning from this, but it soon died as it moved overhead.

Storm west of Logan (NM), as seen from Glenrio (TX/NM). Produced a couple of funnels...

A line of severe storms had been present over NW TX / NW OK / CO etc, and were nudging SE towards Dalhart (TX). Being the only active storms in the area, we drove north to try and catch up with the storm, which was exhibiting some doppler rotation. However, as we neared it weakened significantly, with an outflow boundary racing well to the south ahead of this storm. Chances of a tornado were pretty slim as the storm approached Dalhart (TX), so we left and headed back south to Amarillo where we are spending the night in the same hotel once again.

Quick (and poorly stitched) iPhone pano of storms north of Dalhart (TX).

28 May 2015 GPS Tracker Route Map

2015 STORM CHASE stats thus far:
McDonald's tally: 3
Applebee's tally: 2
Distance driven: 659 miles
States visited: 3

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