Tuesday 4 June 2019

Day 12 - SE Colorado

SPC Convective Outlook 
SPC Tornado Risk
Surface analysis
Not a huge amount to report today - after lunching in Guymon (OK) we nudged west to Boise City (OK) then north to Springfield (CO) to watch a few marginally-severe storms develop to our west and move slowly towards us. Lightning wasn't particularly frequent, so after a couple of hours parked up listening to thunder and crickets, we gradually headed back to Guymon (OK) for the night, pausing on the way home to watch a gustnado spin in a field next to us. We also sat outside the hotel late evening to watch a storm flashing away to our south - so we've seen lightning every day except one during this trip.
Approaching thunderstorm near Springfield (CO) 
Thunderstorm to the south of Guymon (OK)
Thunderstorm to the south of Guymon (OK)
This was likely our last chase day, as we have a couple of days left with very little organised storm activity forecast before we fly back to the UK at the end of the week.

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