Monday 15 May 2017

Day 2 - TX panhandle

Monday began in Amarillo - and a look at various models and observations we decided to sit tight as initiation would be close to the N-S dryline over Amarillo (TX) around 4-5pm. So, to kill time we visited Cadillac Ranch, popped to the Big Texan shop to explore their souvenir merchandise and then camped out in McDonalds (where else?) whilst watching the cumulus attempt to grow and collapse multiple times over the course of a couple of hours.

Eventually things started to look more promising, so we nudged a little further east to get out of the metro area as it was now rush hour, and parked up a short distance east of Amarillo. Numerous towers were going up, but struggling to organise themselves and clearly being sheared-off by the strong mid-level winds. Eventually a few began to look a bit healthier visually and on radar, as we nudged progressively northeastwards towards Panhandle (TX) and then eventually Borger (TX).

Clear rotation from this thunderstorm near Borger (TX)

Nice base with the sun setting behind north of Borger (TX)

The supercell to our northwestof our location (blue circle)

By now, several of the storms had become severe-warned, but in a rather messy fashion - one cell directly to our west had an interesting base, while another storm well to our south continued to aim directly at us while visibly bubbling-away, eventually becoming quite outflow-dominant. We followed these storms north to Stinnett (TX),  allowing them to cross the road in front of us and eventually finding some sizeable hail on the grass verges that the storm had put down.

Large hail on the ground north of Stinnett (TX)

By now the sun was setting, so after watching the lightning from the storms as they moved farther away from us, we turned round and headed to Dumas (TX) to spend the night.

Day 2 GPS tracker

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