Saturday 20 May 2017

Day 7 - Rest/position day in TX

The options today were either chase a messy cold front into deep south TX, knowing we would need to drive 6-7 hours back north on Sunday to be in position for Monday's storms in west Texas, or ditch the front to do the drive now and maybe catch a few high-based storms over the TX panhandle on Sunday before the main bigger risk on Monday.

We drove south for a couple of hours to try and keep up with the storms near San Antonio (TX), but after getting stuck in traffic in Austin (TX) we decided, over lunch in San Marcos (TX), to ditch this cloudy mess and head for the sunshine behind the cold front and try our luck at some high-based marginally-severe storms in the TX Panhandle Sunday. Steak in Abilene (TX) for dinner and then an overnight stay at Snyder (TX).

Looking ahead, the pattern for the 2nd and final week of this year's trip has some promise of chaseable weather - especially Monday in west Texas, Thursday in Colorado and perhaps Friday in Kansas/Oklahoma which would serve us well to make our way back to Dallas (TX) for Saturday evening's flight home. Overall the pattern is quieter than last week given a trough over the eastern US and northwesterly flow aloft, but small perturbations in the flow should offer some convective activity at least - hopes for a tornado, mind you, are pretty low given a lack of substantial Gulf of Mexico moisture.

Day 7 (into Day 8) GPS tracker

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