Wednesday 17 May 2017

Day 4 - Rest/position day in OK

Given the lead impulse was now moving away towards the Great Lakes with a subtle upper ridge now covering much of the southern and central Plains, a down day was expected for Day 4 before the next 2 very active days as the western US upper trough moves closer. We decided to slowly amble northwards to be in position for Day 5, stopping in Norman at the Storm Prediction Center, and then Wakita (OK) - a small town in northern Oklahoma where the film Twister was set, with a dedicated museum run by a lovely lady who was clearly still passionate about the film over 20 years on.

The home of the Storm Prediction Center in Norman (OK)

One of the Dorothys used in the film Twister, stored at the Twister museum in Wakita (OK)

The Wakita water tower that features in the film Twister

We ended the day in Enid (OK) and all enjoyed steak for dinner to celebrate our tornadoes from yesterday. 

Day 4 GPS tracker

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