Friday 19 May 2017

Day 6 - TX

A messy start to the day with several rounds of convection ongoing across many parts of the Plains - it looked like the best parameters for a tornado would be in eastern OK, but given the messy setup we decided to opt for NW TX initially given the promise of some cloud clearance and late day isolated thunderstorms. We drove south from Elk City (OK) to Vernon (TX) for lunch, with mammatus above our heads for much of the journey.
Mammatus display north of Vernon (TX)

Storms were already in evidence, with a tornado-warned specimen south of Abilene (TX), so we continued to nudge south in that general direction - but Texas is a big place! It took us several hours to get to the cluster of thunderstorms that looked promising on radar, but once we eventually arrived in the evening they looked pretty outflow-dominant. There were a couple of reports of a tornado SW of Brownwood (TX) but we couldn't see anything from our location and it was likely rain-wrapped.
Nonetheless, we witnessed some spectacular structure and the lightning became prolific deeper into the evening as we let the cluster of thunderstorms slowly follow us to our hotel in Killeen (TX) for the night. We were woken up several times overnight by thunderstorms moving through the area.

Outflow-dominant storm south of Santa Anna (TX)
Our location (blue circle) in relation to severe thunderstorm complex (yellow polygons are severe thunderstorm warnings). The cell to our northern produced a tornado SW of Brownwood apparently...

Day 6 GPS tracker

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