Friday 24 May 2019

Day 1 - Travel Day

SPC Convective Outlook
SPC Tornado Outlook
Not a great deal to talk about today - we had to drive back to Denver Airport to change our hire vehicle as it was too small, which took about 3 hours in total. Then we headed east and south toward NW Oklahoma as this is where we needed to be for Day 2 - but there was the chance of getting onto a storm late in the day.
View of the snow-topped Rockies on our drive back to Denver Airport
Some cool cirrus formations in otherwise largely clear blue sky
We could see a line of thunderstorms in the distance for most of this 8 hour journey, along the cold front that was straddling southern Kansas and northern Oklahoma. As we neared Buffalo (OK) a thunderstorm became severe-warned to our east, so we headed towards it to see what it might produce. Sadly it didn't last long and soon fizzled, but it did produce 2 CGs (cloud-to-ground lightning), so not a bust!
Line of severe thunderstorms over central and northern Oklahoma, caused significant flooding issues on already saturated (or flooded) ground
We ended the day at Woodward (OK), a 630 mile trip, roughly in the right location for the following day's expected storms.
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