Thursday 7 June 2018

Day 12 - E Wyoming / Nebraska Panhandle

THU 07 JUN 2018

Two main targets at play today - southeast Wyoming close to the warm front / dry line intersection, or northeast Wyoming into southeast Montana where the warm front was likely to interact with a couple of outflow boundaries. Either way, shear was a little marginal for organised storms / supercells, perhaps slightly better in northeast Wyoming / southeast Montana.
Hand drawn surface analysis at 14z (08:00 MDT). Isobars black, isodrosotherms green
SPC Forecast
SPC Tornado Probability Forecast
We opted for the southeast Wyoming target, and left our hotel in Casper (WY) to travel to Wheatland (WY) for lunch. Just after we'd finished eating lunch, I spotted quite a decent a mid-level funnel hanging underneath a very skinny updraft to our north...
Mid-level funnel appears below a skinny updraft north of Wheatland (WY)
We nudged east and parked up at Torrington (WY) for quite some time, watching several thunderstorms pulse and look good initially, but only to then weaken. Another brief funnel was spotted above our chase vehicle just east of town. Dave Ewoldt joined us once again, as we tried multiple times to relocate to capture some lightning, but each attempt was met with the thunderstorm weakening and constantly moving away to the east.
Mammatus display just east of Torrington (WY)
Mammatus display to end the day, east of Lusk (WY) 
Eventually we gave up and headed to Chadron (NE) for the night. I don't think there were any tornadoes anywhere in the U.S. today - most of our storms seemed to struggle for organisation and seemed very 'pulse type'.
GPS tracker

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