Thursday 14 June 2018

Day 19 - Travel Day

THU 14 JUN 2018

SPC Forecast 
SPC Tornado Probability Forecast
Today is our last full day in the U.S.A. before we fly back to the U.K. tomorrow - so sadly we can't chase the supercells in North Dakota / Canada, and had just a short amble from Goodland (KS) to our hotel for the night in the Denver metroplex (CO), including a trip to Applebee's in the evening. En-route to Denver we had a short diversion to chase a weak high-based (13,000ft!) thunderstorm north of Flagler (CO) - but sadly didn't witness any lightning. We hit 102F on the car thermometer today, our hottest day so far this trip.
The sad feeling that the chasecation is coming to an end is beginning to sink in...
Shower chasing in eastern Colorado
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