Saturday 9 June 2018

Day 14 - Travel Day

SAT 09 JUN 2018

The risk of severe thunderstorms today was primarily reserved for eastern Iowa - some 6+ hours travel time to get into position, with chasing then on top. This would also then put us out of position for any potential thunderstorms on Sunday - so we chose today to be a travel day to get closer to where we need to be on Sunday.
Hand drawn surface analysis at 14z (09:00 CDT). Isobars black, isodrosotherms green
SPC Forecast 
SPC Tornado Probability Forecast
We left Valentine (NE) around lunchtime and drove to Sturgis (SD). A few marginally-severe thunderstorms had developed over NE Wyoming, which then drifted into western South Dakota by evening. The nearest storm was about 35 miles from our location - we contemplated chasing it, but it weakened quite rapidly, so in the end decided not to. Hopefully we're in a good position for storms tomorrow, though with a strong cap it's likely they may not fire until quite late in the day.
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