Monday 11 June 2018

Day 16 - Travel Day

MON 11 JUN 2018

Position day today, ready for Tuesday’s activity in SW Kansas - or so we thought, until I woke up this morning and realised the cold front was a little slower moving than forecast the previous day, and it might be doable to intercept a couple of thunderstorms on the tail end towards evening as part of our journey south.
Hand drawn surface analysis at 14z (09:00 CDT). Isobars black, isodrosotherms green
SPC Forecast
SPC Tornado Probability Forecast
So we left Fort Pierre (SD) fairly early and started our long journey south to SE Nebraska. Grabbed some lunch mid-afternoon in Grand Island (NE), and then headed east towards Lincoln (NE) to intercept thunderstorms developing along the cold front.
This proved rather tricky - we needed to get east of the line to be able to look back into the storms for any tornado potential - but each time we made an attempt to get through the line of storms, they kept back-building.
Looking at the rear side of the line of severe thunderstorms
Radar showing our GPS location (blue circle) as we tried multiple times to get to the other side of the line of thunderstorms. Plenty of tornado warnings (red polygons)
We had multiple attempts to break through, but in the end gave up and ended the day in Salina (KS) - hopefully a little closer to our target for tomorrow.
GPS tracker

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