Wednesday 13 June 2018

Day 18 - Travel Day

WED 13 JUN 2018

With the chase soon coming to a close, we need to be in the Denver area by the end of the week for our flight back to the U.K. Weather looks quieter for the next few days, as the focus shifts from the northeastern states today to the Dakotas/Canada for tomorrow - too far north for us to venture.
SPC Forecast
SPC Tornado Probability Forecast
We left Woodward (OK) late morning and headed north for many hours, via WaKeeney (KS) for a bite to eat, before ambling up into NE Colorado to see if we could catch a thunderstorm developing on the retreating dryline / trough intersection. A couple of storms went up, but they struggled to become organised. We parked outside of Wray (CO) for a bit to see if we could get any lightning shots, but sadly not enough cloud-to-ground strikes to make it worthwhile.
Radar with our GPS location (blue circle)
As we drove back through Wray, the tornado sirens started followed soon after by multiple emergency vehicles driving about the town with their sirens and lights on too - I have no idea why! The storm was barely severe, let alone tornadic, and was pretty much on it's last legs.

We left the storm at Haigler (NE) and headed to Goodland (KS) for the night.
GPS tracker

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