Tuesday 12 June 2018

Day 17 - Oklahoma Panhandle

TUE 12 JUN 2018

We left Salina (KS) at midday and travelled a couple of hours southwestwards to Medicine Lodge (KS). A near-stationary cold front was located nearby, and would hopefully be intersected by an old outflow boundary somewhere in south central Kansas.
Hand drawn surface analysis at 14z (09:00 CDT). Isobars black, isodrosotherms green
SPC Forecast 
SPC Tornado Probability Forecast
After a relaxed mid-afternoon lunch (as no storms had developed yet), we trundled west to Coldwater (KS) - and en-route observed a developing thunderstorm to our southwest.
We essentially followed this thunderstorm for the rest of the day - it split twice, with the right-mover becoming the dominant cell in both cases, and forcing us to nudge a little south towards Buffalo (OK). The supercell then really started to wrap up, with some amazing structure at times and multiple attempts at developing a wall cloud.
Pete capturing the storm while trying to dodge lightning
The storm was only moving at 5mph to the south, since it was anchored to a boundary, giving us plenty of time to park up and observe the storm. The slow motion of the storm, and the vast array of gridded dirt roads in this part of Oklahoma, meant for an enjoyable chase.

A new meso developed on the western flank of the original storm, and so begun multiple occasions of back building where the new cell to the west became the new dominant cell, and we continued to nudge west past Laverne (OK) towards Beaver (OK).
From an initially lone supercell...
... to a constantly backbuilding line of thunderstorms
Sadly, despite many attempts, not a single tornado was produced, and once the thunderstorms became outflow-dominant we ended the chase and headed to our hotel in Woodward (OK).
The supercells tried many times to develop wall clouds, but sadly no tornadoes...
Couple of evening lightning shots

GPS tracker

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