Monday 4 June 2018

Day 9 - Travel Day

MON 04 JUN 2018

Very little to report today - just a 200 mile drive north into North Dakota - my first time to visit this state, and bringing the total to 8 for this trip - to get into position for hopefully a round of severe thunderstorms on Tuesday.

There was some potential for thunderstorms in Montana today, but both (a) too far away, considering we need to be in North Dakota tomorrow for a much higher risk, and (b) they would probably struggle to maintain some organisation.
SPC Forecast 
SPC Tornado Probability Forecast

We ended the day in Dickinson (ND) and spotted an isolated decaying thunderstorm to our northwest after dinner - I saw one flash of lightning in the space of about 5 minutes, not a bust! But also not the most spectacular storm, more akin to something from the UK ha!
Evening radar, with a storm to the NW of our location (blue circle)
GPS tracker

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