Friday 24 May 2013

2013 Day 17 - Abilene (TX) to Weatherford (TX)

The nearest severe thunderstorms today were forecast to be up in Kansas and Nebraska, too far north to chase considering we needed to be in Dallas (TX) by tomorrow evening. So instead we decided to chill today and head slowly eastwards to Weatherford (TX), where we'd planned to spend the night.

En-route we grabbed some lunch in Eastland (TX), and then chose to drive north on 16 and Highway 180 to visit Possum Kingdom State Park. Unfortunately by the time we'd arrived there were numerous non-severe thunderstorms in and around the vicinity, so we decided to ditch the idea and just head to Weatherford (TX). The one time when we didn't particularly want a thunderstorm nearby!
We arrived here early evening, checked-in to a hotel and chilled for the rest of the day, including sorting out our baggage ready for our flight home on Sunday morning. A nice line of intense thunderstorms passed through Weatherford (TX) during the evening, with very heavy rain, frequent lightning and strong winds, which was a nice treat!

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