Sunday 26 May 2013

2013 Day 19 - DAL to LHR via IAH

We caught a small 'Express' (i.e. very cramped) plane from Dallas Love Field (interesting airport, very quiet but hey it means you get through Security in no time!) to Houston International Airport. We grabbed some lunch in Terminal B (from McDonald's of course), and then changed to Terminal C to board our plane to Heathrow.
Apparently the flight's departure was delayed due to the plane overheating (as they informed us in the departures hall, which was very reassuring!) so we had to wait for it to cool down. It was a very long flight, with a few short naps at times, and we must've circled Heathrow airport for about half an hour before landing.

Nonetheless, I'm glad to be back on home soil, but at the same time sad to leave the storm chasing adventures behind. This has been a trip like no other, plenty of excitement mixed in with some sadness in relation to the events of 20th May. Either way I am looking forward to returning again sometime in Spring 2014...

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