Saturday 11 May 2013

2013 Day 4: Portland (TX) and Port Aransas (TX)

I have updated the 2013 Chase Map to highlight the routes we have taken since Day 2 (first chase day), available here (will try to update ASAP after each day).

My fellow chasers inform me that a thunderstorm overnight produced a lightning strike very close to the house near 4am, with instant loud thunder and setting off nearby car alarms - sadly I slept through this episode (somehow!) so can neither confirm or deny this.

Essentially today was a 'down day' spent at Todd's house in Portland (TX), thanks to being in the post-frontal environment (even though a cold front went through overnight, temperatures were still up to 27-28C during the day). Sea breeze went through during the afternoon  with a nice line of towering cumulus visible in the distance, while dry and sunny coastwards (which pleased Chris S since his PhD was based on sea breeze simulations using a WRF model). We decided to head to the beach later in the afternoon and spent 2-3 hours there, enjoying the 23C sea surface temperatures.
Dedication to colleague Steve Western

Radar indicated some storms once again forming over northern Mexico during the late afternoon and evening, drifting slowly eastwards (only at 5-10mph) into W-S Texas, but moving too slowly such that it wasn't really worth chasing after them.

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