Monday 13 May 2013

2013 Day 6: Vidor (TX) to Galveston (TX)

Another 'down day' weatherwise, so Chris B suggested we spend some time in Galveston, exploring the town and enjoying some more beach time. We drove the coastal route, observing how all the buildings were built on concrete stilts and were largely new along the Bolivar Peninsula (TX) - an indication of recent effects from hurricanes in the past few years.

After checking into our hotel, we wandered around The Strand in Galveston (TX), sampled some shrimps and watched a 30min film about the Great Storm of 1900 - very interesting, highlighting the major changes to the city since the great hurricane including the building of a 17ft sea wall - which currently only sits at about 5ft above the beach these days...

We spent a couple of hours sunbathing on the beach, until the sun went in and then headed to a local restaurant to enjoy some more shrimps, washed down with classic American beer...

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